Organic Wool Dryer Balls – Reduce drying time by 20-30%.


Cotton Buff:
50 ply with leather center & 4 rows of concentric stitching. The faces are pre-raked for even acceptance of any type of compound. Engineered, balanced and trued for dependable long term wear. Primarily used in the initial buffing process to deburr and remove scratches. This buff is a more aggressive cutting buff.

Buffing Compound Kit Contains 1 each 1" x 2 ½" Tubes:
Black Emery Compound: Used for coarse buffing, removes burrs, rust, scratches, iron steel and other hard metals

Red Jewelers Rouge: Creates high luster on soft metals, brass, copper, gold and all precious metals.

Gray Stainless Compound: Used for stainless steel, nickel plate and plastics.

Brown Tripoli: Removes surface imperfections on all base metals brass, aluminum and pewter.

Tapered Spindle:
Threaded end designed to screw into leather or lacquered-center buffs. The small end of the tapered spindle is 0.17" and the shaft size for the spindle is 1/2".
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