Organic Wool Dryer Balls – Reduce drying time by 20-30%.


This 24 pc needle set is a phenomenal collection which was put together for those who enjoy all types of needle arts. You are sure to find just the right needle for any project. Featuring needles for: embroidery; chenille; beading; darning; quilting; appliqué; basting; silk ribbon embroidery and much more. Betweens: sizes (2)9; (5)10 and (2)12. Sharps: sizes (2)10 and (2)11. Milliners: sizes (2)7 and (2)10. Embroidery: size (1)7. Chenille: size (1)24. Beading: size (1)10. Curved needles: (1)2inches (50.8mm) and (1)2 1/2inches (63.5 mm). Long darners: (1)3 1/4inches (82.55mm) and (1)5inches (127 mm)
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