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Get creative with Double Sided Felt Tape! An innovative new product that features felt with adhesive on both sides. Great for arts and crafts projects and organizing your workspace and presentations in the office or for displaying personal items and projects at home and a modern alternative to the bulletin board. Eliminate the need for tapes, glues, magnets and pins with a bright and colorful felt tape that will add color and creativity to your next project! Cut, peel and stick the tape on on your wall, in your locker, on your computer in your scrap book and more! Create funky patterns, layer with more felt, cork and other fun ideas. This product can be stuck to smooth or rough surfaces and can be removed and reused. This Double Sided Felt Tape is 1-1/2 inch wide x 12 feet long x 1/16 inch thick. Available in different sizes and colors. *Please note that this product may remove paint upon removal.*
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