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Tac-On is a fantastic product that will add color and dimension to your everyday life and crafting projects! Tac-On can be cut into shapes, stuck together and even applied in patterns on your walls! Tac-On is a double-sided, reusable, adhesive felt that can be used to display photos, notes, cards, artwork and many more uses without the use of tacks, pins, or tape! Tac-On can be applied to walls, lockers, refrigerators and virtually anywhere in your home, school or office without damaging or leaving any marks or residue. The Tac-On Packs are available in a wide spectrum of colors suitable for practically any use. Tac-On is perfect for multiple crafts and as a display board on your wall. There are eight (8) sheets included in this pack, each sheet is 9" x 12" and is 1/16" thick with adhesive on both sides. Color selections may vary. Please note that there is a thin protective film that must be carefully removed before applying the "sticky felt" to any surface. All Tac-On adhesive felt products can be cleaned with mild soap and water if dirty or dusty and may be sprayed with a light water mist to help rejuvenate the adhesive. This product is also known as a "Wall Kit".
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