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WATERING MAT - 7.2 x 36

Our watering mat locks in extra moisture and will slowly release water when the soil starts to dry which means less water waste and less care on your end. The watering mat is made from non woven polyester fibers and it absorbs the extra water and distributes it evenly after watering your plants keeping soil moisturized longer. How to use: In a plant container put 1” inch of soil at the bottom of the planter, cut the watering mat ½” to 2” smaller than the size of the planter, insert it inside the pot and pour water. Then continue to plant as you normally would. The mat should be 1" to 2" below the plants root. For the first two weeks monitor your plants closely to see how often you need to water since size and type of plant would affect the length of in between periods before watering. For planters larger than 20” please use a second layer of matting and allow more space in between mat and roots. For plants that are already in pots, just lay the watering mat flat in a plastic tray, soak the mat in water and place the plants on top. Measuring at 7.2 inches by 36 inches our watering mat can easily be cut down to fit any size or shape planter. For larger projects please search for Kapmat in Industrial and Technical Materials.
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