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Stainless Steel Maple Syrup Stand
The Felt Store’s Maple Syrup Cone Stand is a sturdy companion for one-quart maple syrup cones when you’re ready to filter and bottle your syrup. Simply place the stand in a bowl or container and collect all of that wonderful syrup! This stand features a removable perforated cone and a stand with handle. The perforated cone adds stability and structure to your maple syrup filter without obstructing the flow of the syrup. Remove the cone by pulling down on the tabs of the stand.

Contents: Removable perforated cone and stand with handle.
Quality: Tin plated steel cone, stainless steel stand.
Size: Stand is 8.5 inches tall, cone is 7 inches in diameter.
Capacity: Holds 1 quart maple syrup filters.
Advantages: Sturdy, stainless steel, easy to use, won’t obstruct the flow of syrup.
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