Organic Wool Dryer Balls – Reduce drying time by 20-30%.


The Felt Store's Multi-Surface Guard protects your floors from getting damaged while working. The Multi-Surface Guard is made of Rayon and Polypropylene with a non-toxic water adhesive that is perfect for painters, construction workers, movers and handymen to walk and work on. It is a great alternative to cloth or tarpaulin floor covers as it is water repellent and adheres to the floor. This product is removable and reusable with a lined surface that ensures that liquids and/ or dirt will be prevented from transferring to your floors. Please be advised that this product should not be used on painted surfaces or freshly laid tile as it will remove the paint and may shift tiles. It will not shift tiles that have already been set. It is approximately 1.5 mm thick.
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