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PAN Blankets to Protect Your Work Area
The Felt Store's High Temp Felt Welding Blanket shields against sparks and flames on small welding, brazing, and soldering projects. This welding blanket is made of tear-resistant precursor carbon fiber (PAN) and resists heat up to 1800°F (982°C). This material is best used as a shield blanket and is not designed to withstand prolonged contact with hot objects. This scratch-free material works well when covering fragile pieces or working on delicate surfaces.

This product is available in lengths of 1 - 5 yards and 10 - 50 yards.

Content: Precursor carbon fiber (PAN).
Dimensions: 72 inches (1.83 m) wide x 1/8 inches (3 mm) thick.
Weight: 16 oz./sq. yd. (59 g).
Maximum temperature resistance: 1800°F (982°C).
Color: Black.
Features: Lightweight, soft, and flexible; tight weave; not electrically conductive.
Advantages: Will not ignite; scratch-free; tear-resistant.
Applications: Camp stove wicking material; glass blowing pad; heat shield; insulation padding under stoves; blanket for welding, brazing, or soldering.
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