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STADIUM SEAT PAD - 15.5 X 8 X 0.75 INCH (393.7X203.2X19.05MM)

The Stadium Seat Pad is an ultra light and perfect companion for sitting on park benches and bleachers during sporting events. The portable Stadium Seat Pad is made from durable wool felt and neoprene that can be placed anywhere to provide instant comfort and extra cushioning to your seat. Built in handles make this pad easy to carry and position. The Stadium Seat Pad is conveniently small enough to keep in the car or closet without occupying much space. This seat pad is also perfect for picnics and outdoor events in cold and warm weather. Each pad is 15.5 inch x 8 inch x 0.75 inch (393.7x203.2x19.05mm) with weight of 0.40LBS.
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