The liner height is approximate. For a more accurate measurement of the height of the liner, please see the sizing chart. This Boot Liner is a high-end eco-friendly liner composed of 50% wool and 50% rayon/viscose. Ideal for extreme cold weather conditions, this boot liner also works well as a slipper, simply roll down the top. It is crafted in a "skidoo boot" style with heel reinforcements for extra support and is 6 mm thick. Suitable boots are Hoffman Boots, Columbia Stuttgart Hunting Boot, Columbia Midnight Hunting Boot, Itasca Swampwalker II Mens Insulated Boot, Columbia Willamette Hunting Boot, Proline Hidden Trail 2 Camo Boot, RedHead Bone-Dry Hobbs Creek, all RedHead Fishing Boots, and White Creek Fishing Boots.
To use our sizing chart:
Measure your foot while wearing your socks. You would then add 0.75" to both of the measurements to account for the stitching. For example, if your foot is 3.75" wide and 11.25" long (with your socks on), the measurements you would look for on the chart would be 4.5" wide and 12" long. This would give you a Liner Size of 10/11.
**The sizing in the chart is approximate and may have a +/- 0.25" tolerance**

How To Find The Perfect Boot Liner Size from The Felt Store on Vimeo.

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