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PART 1: Passage No. 160501-1
Ellen Bleiwas

Project Type: Art Installation

Date: Jan - May 2016

Affiliated Institution: York University

Materials Used: SAE F-1 Felt Off Cuts, 3/8 inch - 1/2 inch thick

Project Overview: In collaboration with The Felt Store, York University Student and independent designer Ellen Bleiwas came up with a concept that was developed for a local curatorial intensive exhibition with an underlying theme of "After Great Pain, a formal feeling comes" at the Gales Gallery at York University.

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KIP Project
Hilary Leehan, Joanna Lok, Connor Mcleod & Ervin Yalung

Project Type: Chair Design

Date: May 2016

Affiliated Institution: Humber College North

Materials Used: SAE F-7 Felt, 1/4 inch thick

Project Overview: KIP is a project in collaboration with Greenwood College School. It is a lounge chair designed to provide space for individuals without isolating them and utilizing materials that reflect the school's theme of the outdoors.

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Trinity Entryway Bench
Marc Weersink

Project Type: Bench Design

Date: April 2016

Affiliated Institution: York University

Materials Used: SAE F-7 felt, 1/4 inch thick

Project Overview: The Trinity entryway bench provides a simple yet elegant storage solution in small spaces for you and your guest’s jackets, bags, and shoes.

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Is This Felt? ... Now it is!

Sarah Paul & Franziska Brand

Felt Construction: Pop Up Felt

Virginia Tech's School of Architecture + Design

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