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This 3 Chibi Darning Needle Set is knitting and crocheting basic and comes with a cute and compact case to store your needles so that you can easily take them anywhere and not lose the needles. This item is perfect for novice, intermediate and experienced knitters or crocheter. The case comes with three different sized straight steel darning needles, one that can double as a yarn needle to weave in your loose ends or for the kitchener stitch. Additionally, the case is roomy enough to add more needles to and could even hold some small stitch markers and a safety pin if you need to travel light with your project. Measures at 6.2 x 2.1 x 0.8 inches (157.5mm x 53.3mm x 20.3mm) and includes Darning needle No. 13, 17, 20.
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