Organic Wool Dryer Balls


The Felt Store's Black Polyester Filler is a great option for crafting and filler projects. Whether you're making new cushions, re-filling your favorite pillow or making a fluffy beard, this is a soft and lofty fiber that is ideal for your project. Fill your teddy bears, pet toys, beds and more by twisting, spinning, stuffing and stretching this 1Lb (454g) bag of filler. This product is made of 100% black polyester (synthetic fibers) which is a great alternative for those allergic to wool based fibers. This product is carded polyester. It is machine washable in cold or warm water. The polyester filler will not shrink or bind like a wool filler. The polyester fibers are 6 denier X 3 inches (76.2mm) long, hollow fibers available in bright white or black.
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