Organic Wool Dryer Balls


Superior Cushioning and Insulation
The 626 Boot Liner provides comfortable, hygienic support for all kinds of weather conditions. This boot liner can withstand extreme cold temperatures while adding comfortable cushioning. For best result pair with wool insoles and socks. Wool is a natural temperature regulator which helps feet stay comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. With the ability to absorb and wick moisture, wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water while providing added insulation. The synthetic fibers aid in releasing moisture when aired out. Available in a short and tall boot, these liners range from 100% wool to a synthetic and wool blend. Check the specifications below for wool content.

*Note: Since our material comes from free roaming sheep, slight variation of the fiber may occur due to vegetable matter and other debris found in the coat. Although felt is washed and carbonized, this variation is normal and a sign of the 100% natural origin of the material.

Content: 100% wool blend.
Style: Standard Boot (approx. 10” high).
Quantity: 1 pair.
Thickness: 7mm.
Color: Green.
Features: Naugahyde heel reinforcements, “ski doo boot” style.
Benefits: High-performance cold protection, eco-friendly, doubles as an indoor slipper.
Recommended Footwear: Hoffman Boots, Columbia Stuttgart Hunting Boot, Columbia Midnight Hunting Boot, Itasca Swampwalker II Mens Insulated Boot, Columbia Willamette Hunting Boot, Proline Hidden Trail 2 Camo Boot, RedHead Bone-Dry Hobbs Creek, All Redhead Fishing Boots and White Creek Fishing Boots.

Men's (US/Canada) Women's (US/Canada) Foot Length (cm)
6 7.5 25
7 8.5 25.5
8 9.5 26
9 10.5 27
10 11.5 28
11 12.5 28.5
12 13.5 29
13 14.5 30

To use our sizing guidelines:
1. Place your feet flat on a piece of paper and mark your longest toe and the back of your foot. It’s best to do this standing and wearing winter socks.
2. Measure the length (cm) straight from your longest toe to the back of your foot using a ruler or measuring tape.
3. Use the chart to find your size.

*Please note that this chart is a guideline and liners may have a +/- 0.5cm tolerance.
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