Organic Wool Dryer Balls – Reduce drying time by 20-30%.


Two’s company, three’s a crowd, but four is a party! The Felt Store’s Cup Sleeves now come as a 4 piece pack. A great find if you’re looking for a reusable cozy for your coffee and tea mug or cup. Instead of using the disposable paper sleeves, start thinking sustainable, long lasting and eco-friendly. Our Felt Sleeves are made of wool and natural recycled fibers. Since felt is a natural insulator, it’s great for keeping your hot drinks warm and your hands protected. Our Felt Sleeve was designed to make it fit a variety of cup dimensions as it has two adjustable sizes. It’s cut with a natural curve to really be snug and tight around the mug or cup. Customize the sleeve with your personality or that of your friends. Stencil a geometric pattern around or monogram it with stitching; the possibilities are endless with this blank canvas! It measures approximately 10-1/2 inches (26 cm) in length and is 1/8 inch (3mm) thick. To clean simply hand wash and hang to dry. Available in single and four (4) piece packs.
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