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The Felt Store's Welding Blanket Splatter Guard is the perfect protective sheet for welding or soldering large and small objects. This is a lightweight and flexible, high temperature and heat resistant blanket made of a tear resistant carbon fiber called PAN. PAN has a temperature resistance of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit which allows extreme heat and flame to come in direct contact with this material. This means that the blanket will not ignite, char or shrink when placed behind or beneath your work surface. Whether you are in an industrial environment or doing small projects or repairs at home, this blanket will help prevent splatter or sparks from damaging items. It is scratch free if you are working with it on delicate surfaces or covering fragile objects. However, please note it is not electrically conductive. We recommend using this blanket behind your work area or underneath your work surfaces when welding or act as a protective barrier around the area of welding. This product is available by the linear yard and in multiple sheet sizes. Our High Temp Welding Blankets are black in color with a weight of 16oz. per square yard and are approximately 1/8” (3mm) thick.
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