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CORK FLOATING FLOOR - 35.8 X 11.81 X 0.41 INCH (910X300X10.5MM)

The Cork Floating Floor is a natural and contemporary option for your home and office. The floating floor is an easy to install interlocking system that can simply snap together like most laminate flooring. Cut the tiles to size, interlock the pieces for a quick and easy flooring system that is functional and beautiful. Using real, natural cork, is a great alternative to wood, ceramic tiles and vinyl. The surface is smooth and sealed to protect the cork and natural aesthetic. This makes the floor water resistant, preventing mold or mildew. Cork flooring is light, has give and has insulating properties. The give allows for greater bounce in your step, which helps those with joint, knee and back problems. The insulation will allow the cork to remain at a moderate temperature at all times. Cork is also known for sound absorption. This product is great for high and low traffic areas, basements, kids rooms, living rooms and offices.
Each tile is approximately 35.8 inch long x 11.81 inch wide x 0.41 inch thick (910mm x 300mm x 10.5mm). Each box contains six tiles, which covers a surface of 17.7 square feet (1.64 square meters). We recommend cutting the tiles using a table saw or miter saw. This product does require some form of underlay. We can recommend the use of our Polyester Felt at a minimum of 1/8th inch thick but an alternate solution can be used. When installing this product, you may use a hammer to assist in snapping the tiles together. We recommend using a scrap piece of material as a buffer between the hammer and the tile. This will help to prevent damage to the interlocking system. The Cork Flooring is easy to wipe clean, mop and sweep. It does not collect dust as easily as most flooring options.
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