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The Felt Store's Cork Puzzle is a unique and fun eco-friendly product. This can be a great kids toy because of it's texture and encouragement of interaction, with the comfort of knowing that it is an environmentally friendly product. Encourage your kids to put the pieces together to make a small flower! This product can also be used as a hot pad or trivet in the kitchen. Add a bit of whimsy with the Cork Puzzle to your table and/or decor. Separate the pieces for smaller dishes or put the puzzle together for larger pots and pans! The Cork Puzzle is truly a diverse product! It can be used in your office space as a playful memo board. If you are looking for an alternative shape, this is a great solution to add some fun to your work day! This package contains one Cork Puzzle that consists of 4 interlocking pieces to create a flower, with an approximate dimension of 7" in diameter and 0.30" thick. This product can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

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