Organic Wool Dryer Balls

Textile: Things I Have Felt- Art & Mental Health
Katie M. Bruce

Project Type: Art Installation

Date: May 2017

Affiliated Institution: Walnut Contemporary Gallery

Materials Used: SAE F-5 Felt, 1/8” thick

Project Overview: Artist Katie Bruce showcases her daily relationship with anxiety over a 2 month period using felt and embroidery as her voice. Using visual langue as her medium she found it helped accept her new reality but also facilitate a broader conversation about mental health. The Walnut Contemporary Art gallery in Toronto showcased her large grid felt installation which was made up of 18 individual embroidered felt panels each documenting the knots (in her body), holes and vacuums (the time spent on worrying) and the loops (thoughts that became inescapable).

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PART 1: Passage No. 160501-1
Ellen Bleiwas

Project Type: Art Installation

Date: Jan - May 2016

Affiliated Institution: York University

Materials Used: SAE F-1 Felt Off Cuts, 3/8 inch - 1/2 inch thick

Project Overview: In collaboration with The Felt Store, York University Student and independent designer Ellen Bleiwas came up with a concept that was developed for a local curatorial intensive exhibition with an underlying theme of "After Great Pain, a formal feeling comes" at the Gales Gallery at York University.

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KIP Project
Hilary Leehan, Joanna Lok, Connor Mcleod & Ervin Yalung

Project Type: Chair Design

Date: May 2016

Affiliated Institution: Humber College North

Materials Used: SAE F-7 Felt, 1/4 inch thick

Project Overview: KIP is a project in collaboration with Greenwood College School. It is a lounge chair designed to provide space for individuals without isolating them and utilizing materials that reflect the school's theme of the outdoors.

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Felt Construction: Pop Up Felt

Virginia Tech's School of Architecture + Design

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